Vegas Pool Tips 101


One of the TOP “Must Do” items while vacationing in Vegas is to hit up a pool. Vegas is home to some of the most spectacular pools in the world. Don’t worry, if the “party pools” are not your cup of tea; there are plenty of other relaxing pools to choose from. If you are heading to a pool and realize you forgot a pool necessity such as sunscreen, you will not have to venture far to purchase what you need. The pools have (pool theme) stores located on pool grounds or inside the casino located close to the pool entrance doors that offer a wide selection of sunscreen, sunglasses, swimming attire and so much more.

On my last Vegas trip I accidentally forgot to pack sunscreen so I purchased a bottle of sunscreen at the Oasis store located at the Luxor pool. With tax the bottle was about $18.00. Just be prepared to pay a few more dollars then what you would at Target. In my eyes, the convenience of the purchase was well worth it!


The OASIS is located at The Luxor. I love the relaxing atmosphere this pool offers. This photo gives a perfect example of the merchandise the pool stores offer such as hats, swim wear, sunscreen and so much more!


This is a nice little shop inside the ARIA (the think the towels gave that away). I personally love how this store is located several yards before you hit the doors to the ARIA pool (known as LIQUID POOL) entrance. They also sell sunglass here. A previous trip I forgot my sunglass LOL. I thought I would have to pay an arm and leg for the glasses but they were only $25!!  One helpful tip to always keep in the back of your mind while vacationing in vegas is…… the casinos/resorts want you to stay on their property as long as possible because they know you will end up spending more money with them such as gambling, food and beverage purchase and shopping.  For this reason they have stores (high end convenient stores) staged throughout the resort with almost everything you might need such as medicine, snacks, liquor, beverages, sunscreen and so much more.

If you ever have questions about vacationing in Vegas, please feel free to ask!!



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