The Vegas Strip Treasure Map

When it comes to vacationing in Vegas there are so many choices when choosing a hotel to stay at and honestly this process can become overwhelming. For years I was wanting to visit Las Vegas but I  had no idea where I wanted to stay.  I was constantly spending time on Google researching all of the Casinos.  I found myself second guessing every decision I was making while planning my first trip to Vegas. I was so worried that once I arrived to Vegas that I would regret the decision I made for the hotel I picked for my husband and I to call “home” while in Vegas

I have spent the past few days searching Google to find the perfect map of the Vegas Strip. The reasons I decided to share this map with is you is because for #1 this map is up to date with the casinos (Vegas is changing 24/7) and #2 is because it has numerous illustrations of the what the actual casinos look like from the outside. By sharing this map with you, I hope that when you vacation in Las Vegas you will be able to recognize the casinos on the Vegas Strip. Hopefully, by recognizing different casinos on the strip, you will feel more at ease on your vacation.  While in Vegas, you will find yourself visiting multiple casinos. When you decide to go to a new casino the first thought that will come to your mind is…… Should we walk or take a taxi????  This map will also give you a great insight of  how far will you actually have to go.

Cherish this “TREASURE MAP” of The Vegas Strip.  I truly truly wish I would of had this map as a tool for when I was planning my first Vegas vacation.  I also have this map on my Facebook LIKE page, Josie on The Strip (that is a great way to save it to your phone).The Vegas Strip Treasure Map

Have a fabulous day!

~ Josie

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