Live Vegas TV Show

Geeks R Sexy at WCOBM

One of my favorite birthday presents I have ever received was when on my past  birthday when Michelle Roxy Davis reached out to me (on my birthday) to appear on her TV show Geeks R Sexy on her network WCOMB (located in Las Vegas).  Of course I couldn’t say “YES” fast enough to her generous offer.  One of the main conversation topics on Geeks R Sexy is the use of social media to brand yourself.  Another topic we spoke about is Michelle’s strong stance on anti-bullying.

I have had the opportunity to appear on Geeks R Sexy two times this past few months and truly enjoyed these appearances.  On my first appearance the talented comedic magician Mike Hammer appeared on Geeks R Sexy with myself.  It was nonstop laughs. We even had Vegas write an article about it.

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