Mike Hammer at 4 Queens

Josie Just Got Hammered! I was just able to enjoy the Mike Hammer Show. It was a fabulous time watching Mike improv and react so well to the crowd. The magic was great but his biggest draw was his interactions with the crowd. If I didn’t have the worst luck again I was pulled up on the stage and included in the act. The loudest cheer from the crowd could have been when Hammer asked me my occupation. My reply of “I write Vegas reviews” was greeted by Hammer responding with “you are so pretty”. Mike played up the part of how he was not going to offend or pick on me as he did with most of the audience all night.

Hammer’s comedic abilities to adjust with crowd interaction was an outstanding in generating laughs. Even the most savvy heckler would meet his match and show why Hammer’s show has avoided going dark after five years.


The best magic performed was him swallowing five whole sharpened razor blades and within minutes being able to spit them out being tied onto a string all while leaving the audience in the classic “How did he do it” state of mind. The show was well received by all but as Hammer suggested you might only want to take children 13 years of age or older but then again his humor might go over the head’s of those younger.

Be prepared to be heckled as not even the back row is safe from being “Hammered!”


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