Vegas Live with Ninon

I appeared on the “Vegas Live” Show broadcasting from the world famous Peppermill Restaurant.  Ninon (the host of the show) sat down with me in the same booth inside the Peppermill that was Elvis Presley‘s favorite booth at the establishment.  Ninon and her staff (including producer of the show and social media coordinator) welcomed me with open arms.  During the time that Ninon was interviewing me about the concept of Josie On The Strip, it never felt like an interview. Instead it felt like two friends sitting down together at a restaurant and breaking bread.  The approach she took shows how talented Ninon truly is.

Also joining me on the show was Murray: Celebrity Magician.  It was truly an honor to be appearing on the same show as him.

When in Vegas, I highly recommend visiting the Peppermill.  There is so much history, heritage and stories in this establishment of the people (such as Elvis) that played a crucial role in helping make Vegas the great city it has become.


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