The D Casino Owner Interview

Derek J. Stevens made sure I was treated like a queen and was a V-VIP during my stay and attending events for National Finals Rodeo. I’ve blogged a few times about The D so my fans understand how it is by far my favorite venue on Fremont St. Mr. Stevens is far from the old-school casino owners but shares their vision of being accessible and among the customers. Stevens holds a B.A. and M.B.A and made his fortune in Detroit at a young age. The 45 year old along with his brother Greg came to town and bought up Fitgerald’s (THE D) and Golden Gate Casino. Their large investment in transforming the decaying decor of these casinos has given him the title “Savior of Fremont St”. He is also the owner of Minor League baseball team so I spent another trip hanging out with him and his players after a victory.

Stop by the D and look for the big gentlemen wearing the flashiest suits. He is approachable and loves to visit with where you are from and what brought you to his casinos.

Watch my video with Derek J. Stevens right here.

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