As most of my YouNow Fans know, I am a huge Peyton Manning and Denver Broncos fan. I am far from a band-wagoner as been cheering them on since the Tebow Days. I decided I had to see the Super Bowl Parade with my own eyes.

I was in downtown Denver almost two hours before the parade started. I have my usual parking spot on 18th near my favorite Starbucks but due to them expecting a MILLION people attending I had to park almost ten blocks away from 17th St. I was rewarded setting up in the middle of the parade as I was FRONT ROW. Don’t believe me watch my videos as you can see I was ten feet away from the Lombardi Trophy and Peyton Manning.


This is how close I was. See Von Miller (SB50 MVP) with Bowlen family and the Lombardi Trophy. With Peyton in Orange Shirt and Black Vest Standing and Waving and John Elway sitting on end of truck.

Thunder The Broncos Mascot starting of the parade. You know my love for Horses but I don’t have a white one like this.

A true Broncos fan will remember how Bubby Brister stepped in for an injured Elway (1998) to lead us to our second Super Bowl. In similar fashion Brock Osweiler #17 did the same and thanks to his great play he helped Broncos get the #1 Seed and home field all the way through the playoffs.

Now the biggest question for me is will John Elway be able to keep this team intact with free agency. Von Miller will end up Franchised and Brock is also a Free Agent. Bowlen family has been known to spend but will they again after receiving their third Lombardi trophy.





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