This Country Girl Will Survive

My fans for sometime know that I use to be a Country DJ/Promotions Director for the powerhouse FM Station 94.5 Country WIBW-FM in Topeka, KS. I also ended up doing regional television spots and a few country music videos starring as the love interest for the singer. My country ties have always been there and with my social media taking off, my phone has been ringing to get back into the country music side.

I recently have been in discussion with a few different Country Concerts/Festivals and excited to tell you that I will be back in Manhattan, KS helping out routinely and involved with 2016 Kicker Country Stampede. Full details of my involvement will be announced but my personal connection with the Owner’s of Stampede and my interactions on social media make this a perfect mesh. Hopefully soon I will also have a few other events to announce.

Last Friday I was a special guest, at the Grizzle Rose in Denver, of a major Nashville Talent/Fair buyer, RJ Romeo of Romeo Entertainment Group as I was backstage and VIP for Cody Johnson Band. His single “Cowboy Like Me” reached #7 on the Country Charts. He has an amazing full voice and should be an up and coming musician so let’s see how he follows up to those expectations.

                                                 CODY’s FACEBOOK/TWITTER/WEBSITE

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