NASCAR w/Vince Neil

An LA Modeling Agency (Hopefully Full Announcement Coming Soon) invited me to be their special guest at Las Vegas Motor Speedway for NASCAR. The agency had a Box Suite for the race but the best highlight was their agreement with Maverick Helicopters to fly me and their guests back and forth via Helicopter. The aerial ride was breathtaking and saved us hours in walking and traffic. I was seated next to the pilot (SEE PICTURES BELOW) who answered all my questions and gave me a birds-eye view of The Vegas Strip and to see these impressive vehicles they use.

Las Vegas has started becoming a small world to me in that I am seeing a lot of the same folks at so many of the events. I posted a picture of me at NASCAR and an amazing singer Vanessa LaGrand text me to come to her box for a surprise. Vanessa is an up and coming act but romantically involved with Jeff Molitz, the PA for Carrot Top. I walked in to find she was seated next to Vince Neil (MOTLEY CRUE) and his gorgeous girlfriend Rain Hannah. As you can see in the pictures below Mr. Neil was a very down-to-earth guy and was very talkative and we discussed many topics during the race.

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