“I’ll Be Your Huckleberry”

I grew up in Philly with a father having a career in law enforcement after a career in the Army as a MP. I also have a brother in the Marines and my entire family was in the armed services and now in Police or Fire Departments. As you can see with that background, I was brought up around guns and not just seeing them but being trained to use them. I’ve been getting plenty of calls from gun shows and expos. They obviously are looking to hire me as a “booth babe” but then are shell-shocked when I show them my knowledge of guns.

I was asked to do a shot last minute with (no real prep time for hair and makeup) with all sorts of weapons but I chose the classic  Lever-Action and a Long Range Bolt action. Lately I have been intrigued with the long range shooting and the accuracy of putting such a small piece of lead hundreds of yards away and hitting an item as small as golf ball.

So if you are wanting a gorgeous gal to help sell your guns, wildlife banquet, ammo, or other gun related items; know this: I am just more than a face as I can interact better than most women with your potential clients. Email for bookings: josieonthestrip@gmail.com


2 thoughts on ““I’ll Be Your Huckleberry”

  1. recently have noticed you on Twitter. I am going to start following your broadcast . you are a very attractive lady. You also look like you cover a lot of exciting subjects I have a mobile bartending company that we are going to roll out fully after labor day . I will let you know. Glad to be following you. Have a awesome week


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