Booth Babe 4 Hire!

As most of my fans have noticed, I have been working gigs outside of Sin City. I spent the majority of the summer covering country music festivals from Sturgis to Nashville to Kansas to Cheyenne to Vegas, but I also have been used as a “Booth Babe” for Pheasant Forever banquets, Ducks Unlimited, Tractor Shows, Farm Shows, Liquor Promotions and Sporting shows. These are fun events where I get recognized by my fans and the hiring powers are usually impressed with my speaking and interacting abilities with their potential clients.

A larger tractor dealership in the front range wants me to work their booth for them in January so be watching for the dates for my fans to come see me. I was also wondering out there in the internet world who has connections at Tactical Girls? As you know I love shooting my guns either at 5280 Armory in Denver or the 702 Range in Vegas. So my next goal is to contact Tactical Girls and see how I can go about representing their brand. Think the world could handle me at all these gun shows across the States???


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