Private Jet Commercial/Interview

While I was in town for National Finals Rodeo, my talent manager reached out to me to book a TV commercial for a private jet company. The company is NVJETS there in Las Vegas and man did I have a blast. The company is owned by London Jane and she is an amazing woman. In my eyes, she is the top female entrepreneur that I have ever met  and it was such a wonderful experience for me to see this woman own all these Jets and the staff that adores her. They cater to the high end Jet Setters but they also do Empty Leg routes so if the plane is going back to Vegas “Empty” then you can get amazing deals without the hassle of TSA and crowds.

The commercial we shot was about their safety record and take a look at the finished product below. I also did an interview for Give Me Las Vegas with the NVJets. But the cool thing is my voice is on the Jets giving pre-flight instructions on all NV Jets.  The male talent was Johnny Buscema a former D1 Track athlete for Florida University that is now the C.E.O. for an  aeronautics-related company.

Give Me Las Vegas Interview

Social Media Commercial: 


AUDIO ONLY: Josie Voice Over 1                Josie ON FLIGHT INSTRUCTIONS

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